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Often, the curtains tend to pile up tons of dirt and dust. This is so because they are placed right in front of windows and doors. This is why it is important to opt for curtain cleaning services from time to time. Plus Point is one such company that specializes in one of the finest and reliable curtain cleaning services. We are aware of the needs of the clients and so we want to specialize in the field of curtain cleaning company in Dubai.

Being hailed as the best cleaners in Dubai, we decided to have a separate and dedicated team that works round the clock to ensure we could clean the curtains in the desired manner and strip them of every trace of germs, bacteria, and dust. This also makes the place thoroughly clean and hygienic.

Regardless of where you want to avail of our curtain cleaning service in Dubai, be it for your home, hotels, offices, and more, Plus Point is the go to choice for you. We know how to make things happen in the cleaning field and we will do it for you.

Check out the details of the curtain cleaning service in Dubai that we offer and then decide the one to avail of.

The curtains in your home require deep cleaning because they are prone to be infected by germs owing to dust accumulation. Cleaning the curtain could be a tedious job and this is why we, at Plus Point, come to your rescue. We are one of the top curtain cleaning companies in Dubai as we know the ins and outs of onsite drapery cleaning. Along with this, be it steam or dry cleaning the curtains, cleaning the blinds, or even the windows with sheer perfection, we are the person for the job.

Regardless of the type of blinds, you may have, we are thoroughly skilled in cleaning all of them. From cleaning Venetian blinds to drapes, mini blinds, vertical blinds, and even panel blinds; our team will clean all of it.

We use the perfect cleaning techniques and offer you complete customer satisfaction. Along with this, we also have same day curtain steam cleaning and also free pick up and re-hang services too. We guarantee that there will be no shrinkage or loss of colour either.

If you would like to get an estimate of the net price; get in touch with us and we will examine the height of the curtain, the kind of stain and dirt that is present, and give you an estimate. We serve in all locations all across Dubai.

Why is professional curtain cleaning so important?
Your home deserves to look beautiful and every tiny detail adds up to it. When it comes to the curtain in your home, you have to keep checking that they are tidy, clean, and stain-free. Mostly, curtains are designed to act like filters that help in trapping dust particles and even foul odour and keep the room fresh. However, this also infers that the curtain itself will get dirty very soon. Sometimes the original colour and the quality of the fabric will be damaged while in other cases, it might just get very dirty. Regardless, your home is not the best place where such infection-causing curtains should be. This is why you need to choose the services of the best curtain cleaning companies in Dubai and we at Plus Point happen to be just that.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who will offer professional curtain cleaning services and help you restore the gleam and shine of your curtain.

Here are the key reasons that will convince you as to why you need to choose our trained curtain cleaning professionals.

✓ Enhanced look of your interior

✓ Extend the life of your home curtains

✓ Hidden Dirt and dust particles removed from the curtains

✓ Your curtain to look like new once again

✓ Vanished odours from your curtains

It is important to add that conventional curtain cleaning methods often fail to yield the right results. Even if you choose to vacuum clean, the trapped particles will not go away completely. So, we being the best curtain cleaning company in Dubai make use of improved and advanced technology to offer meticulous cleaning. We also offer the finest cleaning treatments and our cleaners are experienced thoroughly too.

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