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Deep Cleaning Services

We dust and vacuum around the whole house to eliminate dirt in small places and corners. We only send out the most experienced and professional cleaners and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all services.
Our area of expertise not limited to:
In the living room: Apart from dusting and moping the floor, our staff clean the lampshades, fan, air conditioner duct and windows. If required, we do a thorough spot lifting and cleaning of the curtain, carpet and sofa as well.
In the kitchen: In the kitchen, we clean all the hard to reach and most forgotten spots like the sides of cooking range, space above the cabinets and under the sink and under all the appliances. Our professional staffs also undertake a thorough cleaning of all the kitchen appliances like dishwasher, refrigerator and oven.
In the bathroom: Our staffs deep clean the bathtub and get rid of mould and other dirt on its sides. We also undertake cleaning of the bathroom sink, toilet, and the tiles on the floor and walls apart from cleaning the shower curtain and bathroom rugs.
In the bedroom: All electrical appliances in the bedroom like the light, fan, air conditioner etc. are thoroughly cleaned. The switch boards are wiped clean and stains are removed from the wall. Windows are dusted and cleaned with microfiber. Mirrors and floor are also scrubbed and cleaned properly.
Villas External Cleaning: We get rid of the dust and contaminants that affect your outdoors in the hot and dusty weather of the UAE.

If you are on the lookout for a deep cleaning company that provide affordable deep cleaning service, then look no further. We can often provide you an estimate using a free site visit. We can often discount our carpet cleaning prices for larger jobs too, so feel free to ask!

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