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Plus Point has been offering one of the finest carpet cleaning services in Dubai. Perhaps the greatest investment in a home is the carpet, and you want to make it look more stylish, cozy, and customized. The experts recommend that a carpet is to be steam-cleaned at least once a year, especially in the most used areas such as the living room, so that its existence is extended and associated respiratory problems can be avoided. Having your carpet in a good condition means also that your family and yourself are healthy and safe! This is why we are highly vigilant and careful with Plus Point when it comes to carpet cleaning.

We check the carpet material and even the kind of stain. We then apply the correct carpet cleaning method once we have done this analysis to facilitate the best form of cleaning.

We use and combine the finest and most effective cleaning materials to achieve the best results with the ideal cleaning procedure. All our products are 100% eco friendly, sustainable and safe for you, your carpet.

All our carpet cleaners are well qualified to conduct the right procedures in accordance with the condition and type of carpet. And all of them are completely insured just to give you some peace of mind.

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