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It is critical to ensure that the water in our tanks is clean and bacteria-free. There are different forms of bacteria, including fatal legionella, that can be found in water. Unclean or tainted water has had a major effect on human health. Health cases increased today because of waterborne illnesses and food — poisoning took a back seat. It is because the food quality can be checked by the appearance, and smell that can’t be done with water. At least twice a year, we must disinfect our water tank to keep it free from various kinds of water-contaminated diseases.

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Importance of Water Tank Cleaning

Water is the most essential factor for humans to survive right after oxygen on this planet. Dubai is completely dependent on most regular water sources by water storage tanks, which are classified into 3 categories – overhead water tanks, underground water tanks, and groundwater tanks, depending on the size and configuration of the facility.

While clean water eliminates contaminants and benefits the body in many ways, it simultaneously poses real and frequent health hazards to contaminated water. It is also extremely necessary to periodically clean the water tanks that are located in our homes and workplaces. We compiled this list of the advantages that one can consider of water tank cleaning:

  1. Unclean Water Contain Many Dangerous Germs

If the water tank is not often washed or disinfected, various contaminants may occur in water containing various dangerous germs. Problems with water pollution typically arise as bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections, which can lead to diarrhea, gastroenteritis, and severe bowel disorders. If the tanks remain unclean and thus prove unsafe for consumption, even for cleaning they can easily get polluted for some time as well. The danger faced by the inhabitants of a building or home would be significantly minimized by a water tank which is cleaned periodically.

  1. Good for the Skin and Hair
    You may experience the following skin health risks by bathing or showering with water from a dirty or rusty water tank:
  • Serious eye infections like, Acanthamoeba can result in blindness
  • Keratitis or corneal inflammation can occur
  • Swimmer’s ear with symptoms including swelling, discomfort, flushing, and hearing difficulties can be experienced
  • Legion disease that has influenza-like symptoms can arise
  • Dandruff, hair loss, and other scalp infections can lead
  • Crohn’s disease can also be experienced, which causes nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue
  • Allergy to the skin and discomfort can be felt

Keeping the system safe would provide the entire household with a constant supply of clean water. It’s an easy investment to guarantee you and your family’s health.

  1. Help to Minimize Maintenance Costs

In the manual of every supplier of home maintenance solutions, maintenance is always better than cure. It is a notion, which we believe, ought to apply to anyone who owns a water tank. If the disease is not a sufficiently good incentive to encourage you to clean up your tank, then we expect economic principles. Periodic water tank maintenance is much cheaper than the intensive repair work of the last minute. Your water tank is frequently maintained such that your water tank still has safe water and operates in optimal condition.

  1. Over Time, Tanks Can Build Up Rust

The water tank may have built up to rust and must check your water if you find that the water coming out of your taps has a brownish tint. Your tank can also have pathogenic micro-organisms that have access through a host to your tank. Generally, these hosts include insects, mice, and other aquatic species that are insufficiently protected and have entered your water tank. You must contact a professional General Cleaning Services in Dubai to clean up your tank twice a year. It might take a couple of hours, but the results are excellent for your health and your family.

Things Should Consider while Cleaning

Make sure that everyone is licensed water tank cleaners and disinfection technicians, authorized by the Dubai Municipality. Check also which products are used. Eco-friendly solutions/disinfectants for your family are the most standard technicians. Lastly, make sure that foot and float valves are replaced, as these are critical to ensuring the successful operation of the water pump system.

The cleaning workers must be trained and aware of the government’s water tank cleaning regulations. The employees should be aware of these regulations and be able to answer your questions about the regulations, the equipment they are using, and the measures they are taking.

The best approach for Water Tank Cleaning Dubai is always an experienced water tank cleaning company. That means they have done the job often, have experienced workers, and are possibly best informed about the rules set by the Dubai Municipality. They will also understand the areas to be tackled within the tank and how to deal effectively with problem areas.

Always check what the customers say about the Cleaning Company Dubai of the water tank you consider. You can find the best water tank cleaning firms in Dubai and read customer’s feedback.

As water tanks are installed all over Dubai, it is necessary, because sparking heated and humidity leads to the formation of dangerous bacteria, to maintain these water tanks. Since water from these tanks is used to wash, cook and drink it can cause harmful diseases such as hepatitis A, diarrhea, and pneumonia because it is the breeding ground of bacteria, such as E Coli and Legionella. Moreover, it is even more important to purify the tanks by removing sediments, biofilms, and dirt in water tanks.

The highly qualified technicians and supervisors in the Plus Point Cleaning Services, the best Cleaning Company in Dubai feature the necessary technology and resources to produce exceptional results. We are happy to support your cleaning projects and dedicate ourselves to completing your project safely, effectively, and efficiently to fulfill the performance standards while ensuring compliance with regulations.

For all types of water storage tanks, we provide complete service & maintenance packages, including precautionary service and repair consultation, high or light duty cleaning, and storage. Our expert team will ensure your tank has been cleaned and the safe, clean water supplied to your family. Our workers are highly skilled in delivering the finest cleaning services concerning safety and the environment. We have built our cleaning process through a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly R&D process.

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