We can all be guilty of a messy work space-time to time. However, a proper cleaning routine and organize your working area can make a huge change.
To maintain a clean workplace follow these tips,


Clean up before you leave


No one love to see a messy office when they arrive office in the morning. Before you leave the office in the evening make sure you clean up your desk and area, place used cup and dishes in the kitchen. When you arrive in the morning everything will be ready for you to get started straight away.


Organize your desk


Set a rule to yourself such as no loose paper or books on your desk. Organize each item by keeping each item in a separate area. Maintain an organized filing system or reduce the use of the printer.


Clean your computer


Use wipes to clean your monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Alcohol in the wipes will disinfect germs. Always remember to turn the power supply off before cleaning any electrical types of equipment.




Commonly, food is left in the office fridge and left for weeks or months until you realise an odd smell coming from somewhere inside the chock-a-block fridge.
To avoid this, make it part of Friday afternoons to throw out any expired food. Additionally organise the cleaners to clean out the fridge every season with disinfectant.


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