Fabric sofa is comfortable and contemporary for your home. However, while many people admire fabric sofa for their beauty, they are often said to lack durability, especially when compared to leather’s hardwearing qualities. However, with the right approach and level of care, fabric upholstery can be kept in top condition as long as any other material.

1. Give it a weekly vacuum

This is just what brush and crevice tools were made for, and very satisfying it is, too, to suck up the debris from the side of the sofa! Check for any coins first – you’d be amazed at how many can be lurking down there! Avoid vacuuming with the main head, as crumbs and other nasty bits and pieces can rub up against the fabric where you sit, which can gradually wear away the weave and pile.

2. Plump up the cushions

Pull them back into shape at the end of an evening’s sitting – that way, they’re more likely to stay in shape for longer.

3. Protect it!

Use throws and blankets to protect the sofa – and keep everyone warm. Consider using arm covers to protect upholstery from perspiration and other fluids, which can affect the long-term durability of the fabric.

4. Pet rescue

If you have a pet, it’s well worth using throws – make sure they are ones that can be washed regularly in the washing machine.

If throws aren’t an option, remove pet hairs with a lint roller or by wearing rubber gloves and running your hands over the upholstery, before plunging your gloved hands into hot water and watching the hairs float off.

5. Be a stain-buster

The most common stains are tea and coffee, chocolate, wine and juice. Throws and cushions are a great cover-up as a last resort, but if you tackle them quickly, you should be able to remove most marks.

If you spill something, act fast for the best chance of avoiding a permanent stain. Blot up as much as possible using white kitchen paper and then, working from the outside in, gently clean with warm water. Check a hidden area first for colourfastness.

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