Dry cleaning is often mistaken that there are no liquids used for cleaning. The liquid used in dry cleaning is not water-based solvents. You can buy a dry cleaning solution at the supermarkets.

Step 1. Keep the room ventilated

The dry cleaning solution has a very strong odor, so keep the room ventilated by opening the windows and turn on the fan. If you have a table fan at home keep it facing the open window and turn on to encourage the harmful fumes to leave the room.

Step 2. Apply the dry cleaning solution

Follow the guidelines in the packaging of the cleaner. Take a cloth and apply the dry cleaner solution to the cloth. Blot against the stained portion of the fabric sofa. These cleaning solutions are often strong so handle the solution with care and do not pour excess solution.

Step 3 Spot test the solution

Spot test the solution by rubbing the solution over a small area of the sofa. Wait 10 minutes and check for any distortion on the fabric. Press a clean cloth on the fabric and check whether the color comes off. If the fabric is fine then proceed to the next step.

 Step 4. Apply the solution to the stained portion

Press the cloth with the cleaner solution over the stained area. Don’t apply too much dry cleaner as it may permanently damage the fabric forever. The stain will be loosened from the fabric, now take a clean wet cloth and soak the stained area to remove the cleaner and stain. Wash the wet cloth and repeat the process for hard stains.

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