You have to do proper homework before hiring a maid service.
It’s essential to find someone who is trustworthy and professional, especially if they will be cleaning your home while you’re at work or running errands, and will take their time to do the job properly. Ask around for referrals and consider the ins and outs of using a sole proprietor or hiring a larger cleaning company before you commit to a housekeeper.


Independent Workers vs. Cleaning Companies


Several housekeepers work as sole proprietors of their own business, but you might be more comfortable with a larger cleaning company that hires their employees. A benefit of hiring a cleaning company is that they are responsible for screening the employees to ensure that a background check comes up clean. And if you want the same person cleaning your house every week, you can choose that—turnover tends to be higher with cleaning companies, and they might send someone different each time.


Find a Referral


The best place to start looking for a great maid service Dubai is to ask your family and friends if they have a company or person that they use and love. One of the great things about using a cleaning service is that they have multiple people who might work out well for your needs. A lot of services will allow you to try out different housekeepers until you find one that is perfect for your needs.


Decide on a flat fee or an hourly fee


When considering hiring a housekeeper, one of the things that you might have to decide is if you’re going to pay by the hour or pay a flat fee, though the housekeeper or company might have their non-negotiable policies.


If you pay by the hour, a lot of people worry that a housekeeper will stretch out jobs to take more time. However, paying a flat rate fee might mean the housekeeper rushes through their work. Discuss the options with your chosen maid service provider.


Create clear expectations and boundaries


To be fair, you’ll need to have a clear idea of what exactly your maid will and won’t be doing in your home. Considering co-creating a list of what tasks will be done with any specific instructions you might have. Negotiating these things before work begins will help. You might want to also negotiate a way to request and pay for extra chores above the regular cleaning routine. Be sure to set some boundaries about what won’t be occurring in your home. If you don’t want the housekeeper using your telephone, computer, stereo, or television, now is the time to stress any of these boundaries.


Decide on Tasks


Certain house-cleaning tasks are standard, such as sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing the showers and toilets. However, you might have to negotiate any additional tasks, such as laundry or dishes, to be done regularly. Sometimes, you can also request to add duties a couple of times per year, such as cleaning the fridge or ovens.


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