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Are you having trouble with your mouse? Does it slow you down? this might be because your mouse pad is dirty. Mouse pad usually gets dirty, it absorbs debris and dirt from your desk and your hands. This may result in poor performance of the mouse pointer and smell. Cleaning the mouse should be included in your office cleaning routine.

For quick office cleaning, you can use baby wipes for cleaning mouse pad. Anti-bacterial wipes also work. You can also use cloth or sponge, moisten the cloth or sponge with warm water and wipe all the sides of the mouse pad with it, this will do the trick.

The above-mentioned cleaning tips will work fine for mouse pad made of plastic or rubber. But what will you do for fabric or cloth material!

Cleaning the fabric or cloth material will be more challenging but you can clean this type of mouse pad in the sink. Fill your sink with hot water and submerge the mouse pad for few minutes and scrub gently with a clean sponge or cloth, rinse the mouse pad well and let it dry this might take a couple of hours

You can also clean your mouse pad in the washing machine. if the above-mentioned office cleaning tip wasn’t successful then for some extra power treat the mouse pad with stain remover and rub gently before starting the wash. For deodorising the mouse pad you can use fabric conditioners.


Cleaning the keyboard is essential in office cleaning, because the keyboard is a hotspot for dust, dirt and even germs. The germs can be easily transmitted through fingers touching the keyboard. There are fewer bacteria and microbes in toilets as compared to a keyboard

When you are planing for office cleaning, Disconnect the keyboard from the computer for safety. Keyboards can be cleaned using compressed air from the compressed air can, or simply using a vacuum cleaner. Keep the power in low settings and use the vacuum cleaner on the keyboard to remove the dust from the keys.

Use a paper towel or cloth moistened with hand sanitiser to wipe the dirt and dust from keyboard. Do not use excess sanitiser as it may damage the electric components in the keyboard. This will sanitise the keyboard.

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