Water tank cleaning in Dubai is mandatory to maintain good health by drinking and using clean water. The major cause of illness in mankind is Contaminated water and dirty water is responsible for most of the illnesses in the world. The services from the best cleaning company in Dubai keep your chances of sickness at a lower level and reduces the chances of catching diarrhea, hepatitis, cholera, typhoid, legionellosis, etc. The statistics reveal that thousands of people die from consuming contaminated food and water. The people who are concerned about their health and find it very important to get the water storage tanks cleaned after a particular period know the importance of the best cleaning services in Dubai. The cleaning company in Dubai only needs your phone call and they will reach your location with the necessary equipment required to clean the water tanks.

water tank cleaning in dubai

Water tank cleaning stages

Stage 1: Cleaning the surroundings
The best cleaners in Dubai will start with the primary stage of water cleaning that includes the in-depth cleaning of the surroundings and manhole that contains mud, dirt, and algae. It is harmful to drink or use dirty water in any form as it can cause you troubles. It is important that the surroundings of your water tank are completely clean and do not contain any sort of particles that may, later on, ruin the water inside the tank. The outside and inside area of the water tank needs to be clean.

Stage 2: Dewatering
In the second stage of cleaning, the tank is dewatered with the use of pumps for beginning the process of cleaning. It is the way to remove the water to empty the water tank.

Stage 3: Sludge Removal
This stage removes the dirty water and sludge from the tank. It can be done manually or with electronic motors depending on the tank size and material.

Stage 4: Scrubbing
This is the stage where the water tank is scrubbed manually to remove fungus, dirt, and other hardness from the tank walls.

Stage 5: High-pressure water jet cleaning
This process involves intensified cleaning of walls and ceilings of the water tank with the use of a high-pressure jet used by the cleaning company in Dubai. The ceiling area has the highest germ concentration and bacteria generally cling to it due to the availability of moisture and oxygen.

Stage 6: Vacuum cleaning
This is the final stage carried forward by the best cleaning services in Dubai. There are high-powered vacuum cleaners used that take out everything from the tank and make it completely free from all the particles.

Stage 7: Disinfection treatment
This process is termed as the most important process to retain the best condition of your water tank. With the help of the specialized anti-microbial agents, the surfaces of the tank become clean and there are least chances for the overgrowth of any bacteria over it.


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