Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are most commonly found in animals. They are transmitted from animals to humans by mutation.  In humans, this group of viruses generally affects the respiratory tract system. Through time, many strains of coronaviruses have made the jump from animals to humans – either from handling pets or livestock which carry the virus or due to ingestion of meat of the affected animal without proper cooking.  Most of the mutated strains of Coronavirus that affect humans cause mild symptoms like common cold ( similar to rhinovirus) and are not considered a threat. Rarely,  sometimes they are seen to break all barriers of mutation and cause more serious diseases like SARS, MERS, including the present threat to the world – COVID 19. This is why it is vital to practice hygiene by


  1. Regular Cleaning and Disinfection against viruses (similar to Coronavirus) after handling livestock and pets.


2. Disinfection of the surroundings where the animals ( known to be capable of spreading Coronavirus to humans) are kept


3. Cook Meat properly before consumption


Why is the novel Coronavirus (SARS – COv2) that causes Covid 19 considered a great threat?



COVID-19 is the disease caused by a novel strain of coronavirus which was first reported in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. It reportedly affects the aged more severely than the rest of the age groups. Also, people with underlying diseases and with pre-existing health conditions are found to develop more serious symptoms on average.  Even though the death rate is less than 2 percent ( less than previous pandemics), this mutated coronavirus is considered more dangerous because it is highly infectious and effectively transfers from one host to another. The recovery time from Covid 19  is more than two weeks for most people while the incubation period is on average reported being 5 to 7 days. This causes an exponential rise in patients and results in crippling the hospital system due to lack of space, medical equipment, and human resources.


To add to the challenges, the virus can be transmitted from the affected to new hosts much before the affected begins showing the symptoms. According to the case studies, the incubation period has been revealed to vary between 5 to 21 days ( 5 to 7 being the most common) This means that the affected person can transmit the virus for more than 2 weeks without knowing he/ she has the disease. Rather than dying from the disease itself, more deaths are expected to be from the unavailability of resources and care that can be given to individual patients if there are exponential increases in Covid cases. All points considered, every individual will have to work towards contributing to prevent the transfer of the virus to a new host for the world to heal.


Preventive measures are the only ‘go to’ in the present situation as the availability of vaccines are a long way off. To prevent the transmission of corona viruses from host to host we need to practice social distancing and disinfection of the most commonly used and touched surfaces on a regular basis. Proper usage of disinfectants against coronavirus is the sole solution to this situation.


How does Coronavirus Spread?





Covid 19 can spread from person to person via droplets from the nose or mouth of a person with Covid 19 when they cough, exhale or talk. The affected person could also carry the virus in their hands by touching their mouth or nose while coughing or yawning and exhaling and then touching other surfaces.The non-animate surfaces that the affected touches like metal doorknobs, lift buttons, papers, plastic bags, clothes, etc. bathroom surfaces used by him/ her, would be infected with the virus without the knowledge of the affected or the people around him.All the common surfaces that we touch without a second thought like metal doorknobs or a lift button or a pipe or flush becomes a live mode of transmission unless it is disinfected. Coronavirus has been found to live for more than 10 days on metallic surfaces and sometimes more which makes everyone more susceptible to being exposed to it.


Disinfection against Covid – An effective preventive measure





Disinfecting and cleaning your hands and your surroundings is the most effective preventive measure against coronavirus. To prevent the spreading of the virus and to flatten the curve it is essential that everyone play their role well. Time to time disinfection of the surroundings where many people come together for work, travel, shopping, or any other activity should become a practice to win this battle. Disinfection with household solutions is one method to disinfect the virus causing Covid 19, provided the products used are highly anti-microbial ( among the products that are found to be effective against Covid 19)or have at least 70 percent alcohol in them.


For long term and thorough disinfection, especially in crowded places where the risk is extremely high, it is generally best to outsource it to professional cleaning service companies or disinfection service providers.Effectively, the covid 19 disinfection program should be carried out as a preventive measure time and again in all such places, Similarly, It is extremely vital to professionally disinfect the house, room or office of a person who has tested positive for Covid 19 to ensure it does not spread to his / her loved ones or colleagues..Using the correct type of disinfectant chemicals against the coronavirus is of  primary importance in such cases. The combination of usage of the right kind of disinfectant chemicals against coronavirus, paired with the best disinfectant methods and specialized workers personally cleaning all the highly touched objects is assuredly the thing needed to reduce the risk to zero percent transmission. 


Disinfection Services against Covid 19 – Pluspoint Cleaning Services.



PlusPoint has been in the specialised cleaning, sanitisation and hygiene services for the last year. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease in Dubai, Pluspoint has been at the forefront of COVID-19 disinfection and cleaning program in UAE.


Everyone has to do their part in preventing the further spread of this coronavirus to overcome the present situation that our world is facing. Let Pluspoint be a part of your plan and be rest assured that ‘We shall overcome one day

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