The people know about the value of cleaning our homes. But in some cases, we don’t give the priority for curtain cleaning. The function of a curtain is to keep light out and heat in a room.


How to do curtain cleaning
Firstly, need to vacuum curtains to remove any dust and other allergens. The next one you do will depend on the type of curtains you’ve got.


Some type of curtains are machine-washable. So use a washing machine and suitable detergent. In some situations, we need professional cleaning team for cleaning our curtains.


There may be a need to take additional steps based on the items used in your curtains. In that, give extra care to resolve the problems related to curtain cleaning services.


Different materials for curtain cleaning
If can’t wash your curtains in the washing machine, Embassy Cleaners can wash the curtains. For routine updates, just brush them with a wet soft cloth. It’s a very useful service in curtain cleaning.


How to escape from discoloration
The sun can end up fading curtain materials over time, just like it does with color paper.


To escape discoloration, the first priority to wash your curtains gently. when it comes to drying, hang them in a suitable place.


Dry clean your curtains
In some cases, the instructions on the curtain material recommend dry cleaning. This applicable for special patterns or use special materials.


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