Your cleaning routine needs to be rethought and it could be done in the best way by contacting a maid service in Dubai and finding appropriate domestic help for your home. It is tiring to spend an afternoon or your day cleaning and there are some mistakes that we usually make despite spending all the hours and money on housework.

Although there are best cleaners in Dubai working for the cleaning of houses or workplaces, there is a basic knowledge required for self-cleaning. There are some of the best advice given by the best cleaning company in Dubai to avoid some of the common mistakes made in the cleaning process. It is never late to learn about the pitfalls and mistakes to fix your cleaning routine in a way that your place looks completely clean even after some days have gone after the intense cleaning by the best cleaning services in Dubai.

Choosing the wrong order for the cleaning

Top to bottom is the common approach followed by people to clean the whole room or area. There are other factors to consider while beginning the cleaning process. Like, you might clean the top of the surface to the bottom, like cabinets, counters and then come to the floors. In the end, they might decide to spray room freshener to make the room smell good. The biggest issue is that the room sprays might leave a greasy/sticky coating on the floors and counters. The cleaning company in Dubai recommends that the room freshener must be used in the mid of the process before wiping and mopping. It will avoid the feeling of stickiness and completely clean the surfaces.

Skipping window screens cleaning

Not only rains cause dirty windows, they usually get unclean with the dirt, dust, and debris from the outside surroundings. The best cleaning services in Dubai focuses on the cleaning of windows with proper brushing and rinsing each time you clean your room. It will help them to stay clean for a longer time.

Dilution of ready-to-use cleaning solutions

This is the worst thing you could do. Dilution of cleaners reduces the effectiveness of the product and you will require more effort and time for cleaning and it will make the whole process expensive in the end. You can only dilute the concentrated products with the measured amount of dilution with water but the readily usable products must never be diluted as they won’t work in the required way.

Harsh scrubbing of carpet stains

on aggressive scrubbing of the carpet stain, the dirt gets pushed deep into the fibers of the carpet by giving it more time for removal. You can blot/dab the spots with a cloth and apply a little amount of the gentle stain for removal to get rid of the marks. If you have kids at home, there will be regular chances of getting such issues on carpets and rugs. The maid service in Dubai can be availed to regularly get your house cleaned without getting any burden of cleaning.

Less or more cleaning agents won’t work

You can’t save money by using less quantity of cleaning agents. Similarly, you can’t clean intensively using it excessively. Too much detergent can cause more harm than good. The excess cleaning products need to be rinsed away as their residue becomes the dirt catcher that attracts the soil and dirt towards them. The best cleaning company in Dubai emphasizes cleaning the recommended dosage of the cleaner for using it appropriately and spending appropriately for rinsing away all the dirt, dust, or grease.

Using magic-eraser at wrong things

Magic erasers are meant to take off the stains and scuffs from the different surfaces. Some of them are equivalent to the sandpaper with high grit. It is important to choose the surfaces appropriately for the cleaning as some cleaners use only work on the countertops or hard tiles. The repeated use of this cleaner on glass or steel surfaces could make them get dull. It is important to read the instructions carefully before making your choice to use the magic eraser in any dirty area.

Hire a maid service in Dubai

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