Carpet form an integral part of every home. Carpets increase the beauty if a home and also provide a dust free and germ free house. A great carpet needs only the best carpet cleaning for its proper maintenance and care. The carpets generally are expensive and delicate and need your utmost care and attention. The professional carpet cleaners are really like a lifesaver for carpets, these are helpful in following ways:


  • They increase the life of the carpet – Proper and regular cleaning of carpets, protects them from bugs and decay and hence increases their life span and durability.
  • Keeps the Quality of air good – Carpets act as a dust and soil trapping agent. If carpets are not cleaned regularly these increase the chances of dust polluting and allergies. Carpet cleaners keeps air quality great.
  • Keeps a healthy environment – A professional & good carpet cleaning process erase the growth of bacteria and allergens. Thus keep the house or office healthy and free from diseases.
  • Erases any stains or spots: Good carpet cleaners keep the carpet clean and free from any stains and spots. As carpets are prone to be soiled by stains and spots by food, drink and other house items, it is all the more essential to clean them time to time. Normal cleaning or dusting cannot erase the food stains or drink spots, but a good, quality & professional carpet cleaning team can clean the stains and spots and keep the carpet as good as new.
  • Makes your house look elegant and beautiful: Carpets are the major contributor in making the house look great. If the carpet is not properly cleaned or stained, no matter how beautiful is the interior, it would look bad. But a clean carpet look awesome and hence increase the beauty of the house.


Tips to Keep Carpets Clean


  1. Big No To Shoes: –Try to discard shoes as soon as you enter the house and encourage your guest also. This will be wonderful if it turns out into a family habit as shoes have hard tread and will tear down your carpet easily.
  2. Regular Vacuum Is Must: –Regular use of vacuum cleaners on carpets is a must. At least vacuum three times a week this will pick up the dirt periodically and stops it from getting trodden in. The best way, to get an effective result is to go slow. The more the foot traffic, the slower you should vacuum, this will pick up all the dirt from the carpet.
  3. Sprinkle Some Baking Soda before Vacuuming: –If you want your carpet to not only look clean but also smell good, sprinkling baking soda before vacuuming is a simple trick for this. Sprinkle a light dusting of baking soda, let it settle for few minutes and then vacuum, this technique will give your carpet fresh smell for longer.
  4. Deep Clean At Least Twice A year: –Deep cleaning is the best way to protect your carpet and give them long-life. Deep clean your carpet periodically. At least twice a year deep cleaning is a minimum as nothing can beat deep cleaning when protection of your carpet comes. You can hire good carpet cleaners for a day or if you want to handle this job by yourself.
  5. Deal With The Stain As Soon As Possible: –Don’t let the stain sit for a long time, deal with it as soon as they happen. Prevent stains from getting set-in otherwise, it will be harder to get it out. BONUS TIP- never scrub while mopping your carpet, always blot. This will help you to deal with a stain in deeper.

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