Carpeting today is one of the extremely popular flooring products, even after the variety of them available including- wood, cork, bamboo, vinyl, etc. There can be many reasons including the warmth and the softness, as to why people love carpeting but one most common amidst the same is its low maintenance and the upkeep which is lower than the floors having hard-surfaces. All one need is frequent vacuum along with occasional scrubbing (deep-clean), to keep up the freshness of the same. Do it on your own or hire the best cleaning company in Dubai.

But no matter the number of efforts we put in, carpets do become a victim of the messy accidents, the spills or the things we carry along at the shoes bottom. So, what exactly one should do?

The answer is simple. Maintain the same on our own or hire the professionals from PlusPoint. Their experience in Carpet cleaning Dubai have handled many problems and provided environmental-friendly services at an affordable rate. By all means, they focus on the customer and their satisfaction, and this is why deliver the guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate. So, the next time looking for providing the carpet with a little extension, connect around and receive the best-in-class help but if you wish to take a chance on your own, the below-mentioned tips will help.

Candy stains and crushes

Having a kid in the house isn’t an easy way to deal around. Sooner or later, one would have to deal with a carpet having a stuck candy. So, what to do?

Try to scrape it using a butter knife and then simply soak the area with water and soap solution dipped sponge. Make sure that all the sugar gets out or the spot in the carpet would keep attracting dirt/debris more than before.

Just make sure, as the candy gets removed, blot and dry the spot using the paper towels or the cotton cloth.

Using Club Soda

Using club soda for removing the beer or the wine stains from the carpet works great.

Make a start with pouring club soda on the clean cloth and try to blot the present stain. With the stain getting lighter, repeat the process using more of club soda, but in case if this doesn’t work, one can use a 1:1 ratio of the water and white vinegar, after pouring it into the spray bottle. Then, spray the said solution over the stained portion and wait for 10-15 mins, so that the solution gets soaked in. Repeat the process until required.

Once the stain is removed, the spot is to be rinsed with clean and warm water. So, now use the hand for brushing the carpet strands in its natural direction and then lay some paper towels in the area for weighing it down. These towels would help for absorbing the carpet’s dampness, and one can leave the carpet there to dry for at least one day.

In case you are not sure you can always call for a professional carpet cleaning service in Dubai.

Do not rub, Blot stains

Make sure to resist that urge for trying to immediately scrub off the stain or the spill when it occurs. It will drive down the stain into that carpet. So, instead of doing the same, make gentle dabs over the stains with the available cleaning solution, a paper towel or a clean cloth or even the sponge would work.

Blotting puts pressure on the stain that helps to soak it better while rubbing; it causes a premature breakdown of the fibers. So, simply blot from stain’s outer edge towards the center. An outward blot can further spread the stain across the carpet.

The perfect tricker- Freezer

Well, walking down the lane, it’s very common to step on the chewing gum. We may or may not realize its presence until this sticky mess come onto the home’s carpet. The best trick for dealing with it can be found in the freezer.

Take out a few ice cubes and for around 30-45 seconds, press the same against the gum. This will get the gum to become frozen solid and using a spoon; one can easily lift that glob and use scissor/knife for cutting down those strands close enough to the gum. Just with the little effort, the spot would become undetectable.

Hydrogen Peroxide- The best rescue

The solution is the best way of removing the carpet stains. Mix water and mild detergent and use it for loosening up the dried-up blood. Then using the butter knife, simply try to scrape off the blood, as much as possible from the fibers and for the residual, use the hydrogen peroxide on the stain, directly. This solution starts foaming and fizzing immediately, as it comes in contact with the blood. Leave the space for a few minutes, and then the hydrogen peroxide is to be blotted along with the remaining drops of blood using the paper towels or the white cotton cloth.

Remove the Grease with Dishwasher Detergent

It’s not an easy task to remove the greasy spills. But with the right product and techniques, everything is possible. Use dish soap, just pour a few drops in the warm water and mix it gently for dissolving the soap. Once done, simply pour this solution in a spray bottle and allow the greasy stain to soak and later blot the same using paper towels or the white cloth.

Repeat the process depending upon the size and the stain’s age, or simply contact the best cleaning company in Dubai for help.

Shaving Cream- An important hack

Ordinary shaving cream by many people around is considered to be the best stain (any-type) remover. All one need is to apply the shaving cream direct on to the stain and leave it for 30 minutes. Use a white cloth (dry) for blotting, once saving cream gets set and as a part of the end step, spray the area using a 1:1 ratio of the water and white vinegar. Leave it for a while and wipe off the same using the cloth.

The heat Wax

Well, if one burns around candles in the house, it would lead the wax to drip on the carpet and harden, quick. This thus makes the same embedded in between the fibers. As for the cleaning company Dubai, they use and recommend one way, i.e., heat back the wax and let it be in the semi-liquid state for removing it. Over the clothes iron, simply place over the clothes iron, a white cloth but ensure to keep it on no steam setting. Once done, the iron is to be set on wax top until the wax melts. The soft wax than can be scraped off using a butter knife. We know handling wax can be tough, so you can always rely on the services of best cleaners in Dubai for your carpet cleaning.

Organic cleaning for pet accidents

For people living with pets, use of organic cleaning products is the best. Just this solution is to be sprayed directly over the stain and once done, with a little scrubbing, all the stains and odour would get removed but then use a white cloth/paper towel for wiping up. We know purchasing organic products can be a bit expensive, but on a affordable side you can call a cleaning company in Dubai to provide the services you want.

Note- Coffee and sauces stains; they can also be easily removed using these non-toxic cleaners.

Regular deep-cleaning

Regular cleaning is one great means for keeping the carpet fresh and maintain its newness. One can deep-clean daily by using the steam cleaner, i.e., using a cleaning solution that gets injected with a little pressure, in the carpet using the water-jet nozzles. The machine will also help to extract the cleaning solution together with the debris/dirt that are present on the carpet.

Both the steam and the hot water easily penetrate through the carpet fibers and allows it to loosen any kind of deposits, including soil, grease or dust. It will make the carpet clean and is one of the highly-recommended ways for dealing with stains in a household of four, after every six months. Moreover, taking general cleaning services in Dubai every 3 months can be very beneficial for increasing the longevity of the carpet.


Hope the above-mentioned secrets/tips worked. If not, PlusPoint is always available with it’s best cleaning services Dubai. One can connect with them, get the quotes, and get the best services delivered at an affordable rate. Try them if you wish to see the quality.

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