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Carpets increase the positivity and beauty of any room instantly, for both the owners and the visitors. There are also different varieties of carpets available in the market, varying in sizes and designs. Instead of spending money on hard floor options, using carpets can be more cost-efficient. But the carpets require regular and proper maintenance for providing long-term service. Therefore, it is crucial to abide by appropriate care of carpet routine or hire professional support like that of the Carpet cleaning services in Dubai.

There are various ways a carpet care routine works, and there are also specific ways to destroy any carpet completely if not taken care of properly. Hence, it is essential to know and understand specific Dos and Donts for carpets.

The Dos Needed For Maintaining the Perfection of a Carpet Is:

  • Maintaining a good carpet care program requires a good range of chemistry. These chemistries will help to overcome the various challenges that come with carpet cleaning. To prevent the formation of sticky chemical wastes and soils, it is vital to search for low-moisture encapsulation chemistry. The ideal thing is to select chemistries with WoolSafe Approval, Green Seal Certification, and Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval, suitable for all kinds of carpet and eco-friendly.
  • For increasing the longevity of a carpet, it is crucial to add low-moisture encapsulation. This also helps provide a constant look at the carpet’s appearance and reduce the dry time to almost 25 minutes. The low-moisture encapsulation added in the carpet care program of the Best cleaning company in Dubai results in a cleaner carpet alongside more excellent indoor vibes. Moreover, it can be used again and again to stop resoiling and discard the soil particles.
  • Apart from the carpet itself, it is also essential to keep the associated pieces of equipment sound. Activities like disinfecting and cleaning the brushes or removing obstacles from the spray nozzles are equally important. The ideal time to clean the pieces of equipment is right after cleaning the carpet. Also, there are chances that these types of equipment will break down eventually. Therefore, it is important to update or replace these.
  • Maintaining a quick view is essential in this carpet cleaning sector. It is necessary to look out for stains, dirt or spills frequently. Workers should address these undesirable things immediately to prevent permanent damage. The staff should be trained and groomed perfectly to tackle such matters and be on their heels all the time. The Cleaning company Dubai provides a team of experts to the customers for their carpet care programs.

The Don’ts that should be avoided at all costs are:

  • It is essential to avoid random carpet care programs. While the standard concept is that these programs are necessary only if the carpets gain a significant amount or size of spots and stains, the reality is the opposite. The staff should indulge themselves in carpet cleaning regularly. Since carpet care doesn’t mean only removing stains and spills, maintaining a daily schedule for proper maintenance is necessary. The Carpet cleaning Dubai offers follow a similar working pattern.
  • Another common mistake is using the wrong vacuum cleaner. The size and power of the vacuum cleaner are essential to get the desired results. As per the report by Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), standard cleaners are capable of removing 90% of dry soil. Utilizing the wrong vacuum means that dirt will remain on the carpets and may result in permanent staining. The ideal cleaners that are capable of removing dust even from thick carpets are those acknowledged by CRI.
  • People, most of the time, fails to incorporate suitable matting system. While the study shows that the visitor’s shoes cause 83% of soiling, a proper matting system prevents this issue. A good matting program is vital to absorb liquid impurities such as snow slush or mud water and avoid the first six footfalls of dirt before shoes touch the carpet. Additionally, replacing or cleaning matting at regular intervals is also important.
  • While cleaning of any kind requires an ample supply of water, a large volume of water is unnecessary for carpets. This guarantees the carpets’ longevity since if the water is not dried quickly, there can be permanent damage. Similarly, in the case of hot water extraction, many gallons of water are required to carry out the process. But recent studies have revealed that this process increases the creation of microbial germs by 150%. Moreover, over-saturating the carpets with water can also unravel seams and damage the backing system, causing dry rot and mildew.
  • Spills are a typical kind of hazard whenever carpets are concerned. To remove them, workers use chemistry. But the mistake most people make is failing to deduce the chemistry needed to remove these spots. The cleaning technique and chemistry required should be selected according to the type of dirt or stain to get the most likable results. A mistake that carpet-cleaning workers make is using the multipurpose cleaning chemistry for every purpose. But these could lead to permanent stains or resoiling. The Best cleaning services Dubai offers focus on using the right chemistries for different stains and spots.

Carpet care demands proper training and correct types of equipment as provided by the General Cleaning Services in Dubai. But there are also some easy and basic solutions to remove stains and spots caused by everyday things like wax, cola, and alcohol. Knowing these can come in handy for maintaining the outlook of the carpets and increase their lifecycle. The various types of stains and their removal process are:

  • Ink – Dabbing the spot gently with an isopropyl alcohol-dipped clean cloth is a great solution. Also, using nail polish remover may work.
  • Oil, Fat, Wax, and Gum – For cases regarding wax or gum, freezing the stains by keeping a piece of ice over them will work. The freezing piece can then be chipped off with a knife. For oil, wax, and fat, the ideal solution is placing a paper towel over the spots and then ironing the towel before removing it.
  • Blood- The first and foremost thing is quickly removing the blood as much as possible. A solution of cold water with two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid or any Oxi-clean solutions can then be applied for removing the stains.
  • Glue – For glue, rubbing the stain gently with cotton dipped in alcohol to make it wet and then wiping it off is the right solution.
  • Water-soluble stains – Stains like that of wine, chocolate, or vomit can be removed with a solution of 1 tablespoon ammonia and 1 cup water. For carpets blended with wool, using water and gentle soap will do.
  • Alcoholic beverages, cola, or food – Anyone can easily remove these stains by making a cleaning solution with white vinegar. Store-bought removers such as Oxi-clean can also work.


Therefore, these are certain basic stain removal solutions and Dos and Donts of a carpet care program. And while small carpets can be taken care of quickly without much expertise, a professional approach is always recommended to get the best results. These can be justified since hiring experts like the Best cleaners in Dubai involves modern cleaning techniques, modern equipment, and years of experience that will provide the best solution to any carpet-related challenge.

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